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Feb 20, 2016

Family photography time! Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve written a blog and I need to catch up stat!! Where better to start than with one of my favorite sessions probably to date. I had the pleasure of photographing the Ciliento family last year when their baby was just a weeeeee little one. When mom called me again this year to take photos of the kids, I could not believe how much that little one had grown! He was too cute running around after his older brother and sister!! And those photos on his grandfathers’ John Deere? To die for. He had to jump on and give it a whirl after his older bro did. I loved it 🙂

If you’re wondering where this AMAZING location is, it’s actually the kids’ grandparents’ backyard. They live in Clearwater, even though it looks like something out of the Carolina’s. I was so in love with this location. I was running around just as excited as the little ones! The white fence was perfect, and the chopped wood chips which were big enough for the kids to sit on were SO my style. I love, love love that rustic look. In another life, I must live in Georgia or South Carolina or something, because I can’t get enough of it!

Also, below is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken ever… look at their little faces!! Thank you, Ciliento Family, for asking me to take your photos again this year. You are amazing <3


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