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Mar 28, 2016

I love being a family photographer. Families are one of my favorite sessions to shoot. I love getting to know new families, and reconnecting with families we’ve taken photos of in the past. In this case, we had the pleasure of taking family photos of the gorgeous Roberton Family again this year. I love this family. They are some of the sweetest people around, and they just love to have fun! When I was taking their photos, I could tell how much mom and dad cared for their kids and each other. They loved more of the natural look, rather than staged, and were constantly tickling each other to get each other to laugh which always translates well to photos!

Last year, we took their family photos at Redington Beach Pier (one of my favorite places to shoot)! To change it up, but still keep with the beach theme that they love so much, we decided to take photos at Carlouel Beach and the surrounding area. We hit the beach by sunset, and wow was it windy! Ha! But it was also a beautiful sunset, and I loved how the colors in the photos came out. Every color was stunning and vibrant 🙂 Thank you so much to the Roberton Family! You all are so sweet and I LOVE taking photos of you every year!


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