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Apr 2, 2016

Family photography is so beautiful to me. It’s not just about taking some pictures for a Christmas card or birthday invitations. It’s a statement of who your family is at that time in your lives. It’s about capturing the moments, both small and large, that you share with each other. It’s about spending an hour and a half together laughing, growing closer and just enjoying each others company. 

Of course, when I take family portraits, I do give you some direction. I won’t just let you wander around a park aimlessly 😉 However, my approach is more subtle than I think some others in the industry. A lot of times, I’ll put your family in a certain area/situation and then just tell you to “have a little moment between yourselves,” or “pretend like I’m not here.” I prefer this method of shooting, and all of my clients love the results. It allows your family to just be who you are, while I capture your genuine emotions. 

This is the Moore family, and I actually didn’t meet them until the day of their session! We decided to go to one of my favorite locations for photos, Eagle Lake Park (you can see past sessions I’ve done there here and here). The family lives near there, and I just love the rustic feel that you can get there – which, by the way – is very difficult to find in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida! 🙂 We took a lap around the lake in the back of the park, stopping at certain points where I’ve found the light is best. I especially love when the grass is longer at the park, and it gives off that softer look – perfection!

Now, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos, but it actually started raining about mid-way through the session. Darn! Nothing major, just a consistent sprinkling. However, we took shelter though for about 10 minutes and, thankfully, it cleared! We went on with the session as planned, and everything was gorgeous once again 🙂

This family is so, so sweet. They are down to earth, loving and the girls were just hilarious! They were full of laughter and energy, and they especially loved that their Weimaraner, Ranger, was able to join in the photos. Let me tell you, those girls LOVE that pup, and he was such a great sport the entire time! I loved hearing about how dad works at Adobe (one of our favorite companies, of course!) and mom was so sweet, and just happy to enjoy the afternoon at the park 🙂 Thank you, Moore family, for choosing me to take your family photos this year! It is truly an honor <3 



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