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Apr 19, 2016

Family Photographer – Tampa Bay, Florida

Being a family photographer is such an amazing privilege, and this particular family session turned out to be quite the surprise! When I booked this session with Shana and Derek, two good friends, they told me that they just wanted some updated family photos. They said that they hadn’t done professional photography since they got married fourteen years ago! Of course I was ecstatic to be the one to update their family photos after all this time. I quickly scheduled the session for late December. Little did I know what was in store for ME… 🙂

We decided to have the session at the beautiful Robinson Preserve in Bradenton, Florida. I hadn’t been to this preserve before, but I was VERY excited when we arrived. At the entrance there is this gorgeous Victorian style, blue house that we immediately started taking photos at. The wrap-around porch was just beautiful! I can’t get enough Southern style in Florida, when I can find it. Then, off to the side of the house, are these beautiful, airy kind of shrubs (which you can see in the first photos below). I am always on the lookout for shrubbery like this – it just photographs beautifully 🙂 

So, we walked along the preserve a bit more, because the couple said that they wanted to make it to this cute little wooden bridge inside the park. We walked along snapping photos, having a great time, until we reached the bridge. Then my friends turned to me and said that they had some “props” that they wanted to use in their photos. I remember looking down at my camera to check a few settings and when I looked up they were holding a little onesie that said “Worth The Wait.” …… Instant tears all around! Shana and Derek turned this fabulous family session into a baby announcement session and it was amazing!!!

I was overcome with happiness. These two are going to be such amazing parents!! They are so in love and they understand each other so well. We continued the session using all the other little “props” that they brought. The most notable prop was a tiny pair of beach sandals. This couple LOVES the beach. I think they go every weekend – ha! Lastly, they brought along a cute chalkboard for their pup, which they ended up using as the focal piece on their baby announcement cards.

I am so lucky that this is my job – capturing the parts of peoples’ lives that they care about the most. A very big congratulations to my friends on the announcement of their baby girl! Love you guys!

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