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Jun 28, 2016

Proposal Photographer – St. Petersburg, Florida

Proposal photography is something that is becomingĀ more and more popular, especially in the Tampa Bay area where people travel for vacation often. Zach contacted me about a week before he planned to pop the question to his partner of a few years, Kenneth. Zach was in town for work from North Carolina and Kenneth decided to join him in sunny Florida for a quick vacay. Little did Kenneth know what was in store for him šŸ™‚

I was ecstatic when Zach started telling me his plans for the proposal. It was quite elaborate! The day beganĀ with Kenneth having breakfast in bed at the beautiful Vinoy Renaissance Hotel in downtown St. Petersburg. After that, an amazing shopping spree and spa time! All of this was before the proposal… be jealous, people! Ha.Ā 

For the actual proposal, Zach toldĀ Kenneth to meet him at Vinoy park right on the water underneath the big pointed sculpture. I still don’t know if this sculpture has a specific name. If someone knows, comment below please! šŸ™‚ Anyhow, Zach printed a customĀ puzzle made of different photos of the two of themĀ from their years together. At the proposal site, Zach put together the edge pieces for Kenneth. When Kenneth arrived at the sculpture in the park, the coupleĀ put the puzzle together (pictured below), which asked Kenneth to spend theĀ “rest of his forever” with Zach… adorable!!

I was so happy to be standing there capturing the big moment. These two areĀ so happy with one another. As soon as Zach saw Kenneth walking toward him from the sidewalk, heĀ visibly relaxed. When they walked together and throughout our mini engagement photoshoot after the proposal, it was clear to anyone looking that the two of them just FIT… like a puzzle… get it?! I’m so, so happy I could document this moment for these two lovers. I wish them all the best!Ā 

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