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Jul 14, 2020

Today, I’m highlighting my branding photo shoot with the ever-talented, Alyssa Gay Consulting!

This is actually my second branding shoot with Alyssa, and this time we definitely stepped it up a bit! We decided to spend the entire day running around downtown Sarasota, eating donuts and taking pictures… because that’s what entrepreneurs REALLY want to do with their day 🙂

This time around, it was really important to us to incorporate more elements for Alyssa’s brand. Her firm, which covers everything from social media campaigns to SEO and analytics to content creation, has a very clean image – straight lines, bold/solid colors, neutrals are her jam, but there’s also a sassy side to her graphics and lettering! Gotta keep it fun, ya’ll!

I asked Alyssa to come prepared with multiple outfit changes and her favorite work tools (think notebooks, laptop, books she loves/references, ALL THE PENS, confetti, etc). Ahead of shoot day, we planned out all of the locations we wanted to hit throughout the day – always keeping her brand image in mind. We picked a local coffee shop to start our day, and not just because we wanted some caffeine to get our creativeness going 🙂

Below is one of my all-time favorites photos… 🙂 I just love the simplicity of it. It is SO on-brand with AGC, and those glasses are epic!

We also prepped for Alyssa’s upcoming 1-year business anniversary (see donut cake below)! It’s really important to plan ahead, if you can, for big business milestones BEFORE your brand shoot. That way you can capture it and have unique, custom content ready to go for the upcoming months. Think about holidays you want to highlight, business anniversaries, upcoming sales, etc. Then, pick an object to help express this in your imagery and bring it to the shoot!

Also, guys/ladies, when you do your next branding shoot… PLEASE bring multi-color popcorn. It’s just the best. Promise.

The final photo I’ll share (even though I may consider a Part 2 to this shoot, because there’s so many more I could share!) is the one below. We found this navy blue wall which was almost EXACTLY her main brand color. Of course we had to do an hour’s worth of photos here. This one, though, stuck with me and I think about it often. I’ll forever be a fan of woman-owned businesses. Women have SO much going on all the time, but we always find a way to get after our passions and what means the most to us. This is true of my own business as well. So carry on, ladies! We’re awesome!

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